Fruit Trees

Author : Muhammad Afzal
Working to advance the whole of Pakistani agriculture that improve profitability, stewardship and quality of life by the use of Technology.
Studied at : KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm Sweden.
Co-founder : Nordic Experts AB Sweden
Lives in : Stavanger, Norway
From : Shorkot, Dist Jhang Pakistan
Timestamp: 31 December 2017 08:59 am

Spraying Jaman trees with water every day when the fruits are developing can double or even triple the fruit size as well as income. Delaying water application to citrus trees when fruits are manufacturing can considerably increase the sweetness. This method is being followed in China. Putting nylon nets overapple trees in hilly areas can control the damages caused by hailstorms.

Hand pollination of date palms with a pollinator can greatly increase the fruit setting and production. There are 119 varieties of date palm in Pakistan. Out of which only a few are good. The date palm production and quality can be much improved by replacing the existing varieties of low quality with tissue-cultured baby plants of selected good varieties.

Conducting pruning of fruit trees at the right time has many advantages. It keeps the trees in shape, protect against diseases and pests besides improving the quality of fruits.

Planting citrus nursery plants at 10' x 10' distance and keeping the plants medium-sized by occasional pruning doubles the income per acre.

Using new methods of grafting (side grafting and layer grafting) are more successful in producing healthy nursery plants which ultimat ely give higher yield. Similarly, side grafting in guava is superior to using of seeds. For transplanting nursery plants use new methods which are more productive.

Placing the buds after removal from stock inside the mouth before grafting on scion can greatly improve the grafting efficiency and success as the buds do not dry up because of imbibing saliva. Efficient grafters follow this practice.

Alternate bearing of fruits can be controlled by applying double the quantities of inorganic fertilizers and organic manures in heavy bearing years to encourage vegetative growth.

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