Farmers earning as much as Rs 3 lakh per acre by cultivating herbs

Author : Muhammad Afzal
Working to advance the whole of Pakistani agriculture that improve profitability, stewardship and quality of life by the use of Technology.
Studied at : KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm Sweden.
Co-founder : Nordic Experts AB Sweden
Lives in : Stavanger, Norway
From : Shorkot, Dist Jhang Pakistan
Timestamp: 31 December 2017 08:59 am

Here’s a little-known story of Indian farming — a happy one. Led by strong and rapidly growing industry demand, a small group of farmers are earning as much as Rs 3 lakh per acre, a figure that’s put in true perspective when you consider wheat and rice farming doesn’t pay more than Rs30,000 per acre.

Herbs and aromatic plants used for ayurvedic medicines and personal care products – sold by companies like as DaburNSE -0.52 %, Himalaya, Natural Remedies, Patanjali – are the main ingredients of this farm earnings boom.


Many of the herbs have exotic names and pretty much all the numbers are remarkable. Ateesh, kuth, kutki, karanja, kapikachhu, shankhapushpi… these herbs and aromatic plants mean little to the urban consumer but represent life-changing income opportunities for some farmers.

Industry estimates put the market for herbal products at Rs 50,000 crore, growing at a fast annual clip of 15%. Acreage devoted to herbs and aromatic plants is still very small — 6.34 lakh hectares out of the total currently cropped area of 1,058.1 lakh hectares — but growing at 10% annually, according to government data.


Even more remarkable are farmers’ returns. A farmer growing ateesh herb, largely used in ayurvedic medicine, in the higher reaches of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh may easily get Rs2.5-3 lakh per acre. A lavender farmer may get Rs1.2-1.5 lakh returns per acre.

These returns are why Bharat Bhushan of Khellani village in Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir switched from maize to lavender for his 2 acre plot. By this November, he will be adding another 10 acres.


l25 Best Herbs to Grow:

1. Parsley
2. Mint
3. Dill
4. Basil 
5. Sage
6. Rosemary
7. Thyme
8. Cilantro/Coriander
9. Fennel
10. Chamomile
11. French Tarragon
12. Lavender
13. Catnip
14. Chives
15. St. John’s Wort
16. Bay Leaves
17. Culantro
18. Chervil
19. Winter Savory
20. Peppermint
21. Stevia
22. Aloe Vera
23. Lemongrass
24. Bergamot (Bee Balm)
25. Oregano

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