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  • Imran Aslam 3 years ago

    I would like to discuss now about the most ignored dangerous disease in the dairies all over the world, which is:
    Bovine Leukemia which has been recognized as a cancer-causing virus in cattle. Although the virus is spreading worldwide in many countries, the virus has been ignored while attention is focused on another issues such as lameness, mastitis, breeding problems, and infectious diseases such as FMD, BEF, Lumpy skin disease or para T.B. (John's disease) However, with a recent report that BLV could be carcinogenic for the humans.
    A single drop of blood or any fluid contains white blood cells from the body of any infected cow, biting insects, dehorning, castration, tattooing or even the rectal palpation without changing the sleeves can be a source of the virus infection.
    How can you identify this disease ???
    There is always lymphoid hyperplasia, the enlarged lymph nodes depend on the location, for example: the most popular affected part is the cervix, so you find the prefemoral lymph node enlarged and hard in texture, poor BCS, fever, tachycardia, dyspnea and by measuring the lymphocytes level it will be more than 50,000/ul, you can identify it by ELISA as well.
    Unfortunately this disease has no treatment.so it depends on the prevention and precautions trying to enclose the herd, and stop using the same needle or sleeve from a cow to cow, disinfect the tools which used for dehorning, castration and tattooing.
    If you identified that infected cow during antemortum you must avoid opening the carcass postmortum.
    The infected cow can Not be sold anywhere as she is not fit for human consumption or even animal consumption like zoo animals, as the meat of this cow is carcinogenic for both of them.

    Amr Elsorady

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