Crack in the headlight.

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    Why Headlights Get MoistureBefore we discuss how to remove moisture from the headlights, let’s check out the reason why the headlights catch the join here in the first place.
    Blocked Vents. Whenever headlights are in use, they generate heat. They also require proper ventilation in order to prevent moisture. This is the reason why headlights are not completely sealed as they may seem at the first glance.
    If you look closely, there are vents for headlights to disperse the heat effectively. But if the vents are blocked due to debris, dust, or spider webs, then they could cause moisture in the headlights.
    Humid Climate. People living in cities like Atlanta understand how humid climate can cause moisture trap in the headlights. Whenever a driver turns on the headlight bulbs at night, then it heats the humid air present in the headlight unit. Once the vehicle is parked and the headlight is turned off, that air cools down and turns into moisture.
    Crack in the headlight. Sometimes the vehicle’s headlights might have a little crack and this might easily allow moisture to enter the headlights. if there is a major amount of moisture, then you should check your headlights are damaged or cracked.
    However, if the condensation is very little, it will clear up after some time automatically. But if you find a lot of moisture that reduces the visibility, then you need to fix it as soon as possible. Let’s check out how to get the moisture out of headlights.

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