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    What Causes The LED Headlight Conversion Problem?

    Mostly LED headlight conversion problems are caused due to power needs. LED headlights need specific power that are - 84 watts per set and 42 watts per bulb. It can work at a temperature between -40°C to 80°C.


    When converting from halogen to led headlights, the LED bulb has lower power than the original halogen bulb, so the vehicle will mistakenly think that the bulb is faulty. Common phenomena caused by this problem includes headlight flickering or dimming, dashboard alarm.


    Now, let’s delve into the problems and their solutions.


    Common LED Headlight Conversion Problems And Their Solutions

    Using a retrofitting adapter might solve most of your LED headlight conversion problems. This tool is also known as a driver or LED ballast. Considering how quickly this adapter solves the issue, many manufacturers are providing LED headlights along with the adapter or driver. This gadget helps to make the conversation easier. what to do


    Driver or Adapter Problem

    As mentioned above, drivers or adapters are great for fixing the conversion problem quickly but sometimes it is the one that causes the problem. Yes, sometimes it is just not compatible with your LED headlight because of which you need to get another one. A new adapter will ensure that the LED headlights get the specific amount of power it requires to run properly.


    DRLs (Day Running Lights) Problem

    Many manufacturers these days provide DRLs in their vehicles and this may cause issues with LED headlights. If your LED headlights are dimmed or flickering, then it could be because of DRLs.


    To fix this issue, you may simply get a separate power supply for your LED headlights. It will ensure that your LED headlights are getting enough power to work without flickering or dimming. 


    Flickering Headlights Issue

    Flickering of headlights might happen due to numerous reasons. For instance, the LED headlights might not be getting enough power or they might have a weak connection. Mostly, LED headlights do have their power system but in case it has failed, it may cause flickering.


    The easiest way to deal with this issue is to check the connections. Also, double-check the housing and bulb. You can also change the bulb to confirm if the bulb is defective or there is a connection problem.


    LED Headlights Doesn’t Work

    Imagine getting new LED headlights installed and it doesn't turn on. Frustrating, right? Especially when you have spent a lot of time and money on it. Sometimes only one of the headlights works and another bulb doesn’t work at all.


    If you face any such issue, then you first need to check the connections. It could be a defective LED adapter. You can try out some of these solutions if it still doesn’t work:


    - Try to reverse the adapter’s input- Check if the grounds are properly linked

    - Make sure that the fuse is working

    - Ensure that the power system for each gadget is secure and not interconnected.

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